Amazing Facts about Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix, one of the legendary guitarists was born on November the 27th 1942, in Seattle, USA. He was one of those few artists that had a deep understanding of music. He always used to experiment different kinds of music that showed in his creative compositions.
In this article, we are going to discover some of the amazing facts about Jimi Hendrix that many of us do not know. We have listed seven of the most amazing facts about this popular artist.
1. The Supro Ozark 1560S Connection
Jimi Hendrix who was born to parents Lucille and James Al Hendrix, it was at the age of 15 years when he started playing the guitar. His father bought him a Supro Ozark 1560S electric guitar. He then went on to create history by making some spectacular music compositions. His popular tracks include ‘Hey Joe’, ‘Purple Haze’, and few others.
2. Dropped out of High School
He was a high school dropout and was a part of the American Army in the year 1959 as a member of the ‘Screaming Eagles’. His stay in the army lasted only one year and he then started taking music seriously and professionally starting singing and practising guitar.

Amazing Facts about Jimi Hendrix

3. ‘The King Kasuals’ Rock Band
In 1963, he and one of his friends from the army started jam sessions together. Later they went on to form their rock band and named it as ‘The King Kasuals’. Later in 1964, Jimi realised that he can perform on his own and does not want to constitute himself with any of the rock bands and hence discontinued the rock band.
4. England Calling
He had an immense respect towards the musicians from The Great Britain and he landed on the British soil in 1966. He arrived in England by having a small bag that had few clothes along with his guitar. Chas Chandler promised him that he would introduce Jimi to Eric Clapton.
5. “Electric Church”
Jimi’s passion towards music eventually made him call his music “Electric Church”, as he knew that music was his only way out to express himself and he considered music as his religion.
6. He Had The Most Difficult And Different Guitar Techniques
Jimi was a gifted musician; he shook the entire world by producing some breathtaking music using his electric guitar. He had the habit of creating different and creative tunes through his guitar. He also had made a great study of the guitar and played it to utmost perfection and knowledge. He played with his teeth, without touching the strings, all these techniques by Jimi made the audience believe that he is truly a different artist.
7. Jimi Hendrix’s Death
Jimi was dead on 18th September 1970. His overdose of Vesparax( a Powerful Sedative) eventually led to this fatal death. His overdose of drugs made him suffer a lot. The post-mortem report clearly showed that Jimi had taken nine pills of the sleeping tablets that was the main reason for his death.


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