American, French, European Roulette – What’s the Difference?

The greatest challenges faced by players while playing online Roulette is to decide which of the classic versions that they need to play. Although Roulette is one of the most prominent casino games, many players still lack the idea about the different variants of this game. It is vital for the players to be aware of the online Roulette variations before indulging in the game. If a player fails to identify the version that they are about to play, then they may have to experience losses. It is not hard to identify the differences that exist in French, American and European Roulette.

American, French, European Roulette – What’s the Difference?

European online Roulette

The most popular game of Roulette variation is the European Roulette. The wheel features 37 pockets that are coloured green, black and red. The numbers in this game range from 0 to 36. The players need to purchase a chip in order to participate in the game. As the players have the same colour chips, the game turns pretty exciting. The lowest house edge implies that the players can land wins fairly often. The players can find ‘zero’ slot on European wheels. It is the green slot that offers house edge to the casino operators. Without this slot, the taking earned from each table by a casino would be zero. There are various bets explained through which the players can place their stakes on this wonderful casino table game.

American Roulette

This can be most easily identified online Roulette among the several variants of the game. This is because it has 38 collared pockets and the other variants have 37. The wheel features the colours green, red and black. The numbers in the wheel range from 00 to 36. The double zero augments the house edge in this version of Roulette as per some sources. This version of Roulette pays the same odd like others but it has two green slots. One is zero and the other slot is double zero. This shoots up the house edge and is not much enjoyed by the players because of lack of decent returns. This is the key reason why online Roulette is incredibly popular in Europe.

French Roulette

This variant has several similarities associated with the European Roulette especially in terms of the wheel pockets. All the pockets are red in colour and the word on the table is written in French. Some rules of La Partage rule are applicable in this variant of Roulette game. This Roulette is played with a single zero wheel which makes many assume that it is the same as European Roulette. However, it is not. The house edge in this variant is lowered by a small detail. This is the reason why beginners need to try French Roulette initially. Additional bets are allowed in this variant which is referred to as the Call Bet or En Prison.

Despite little distinction in characteristics, the players are assured that they would enjoy the game regardless of the variant of online Roulette that they wish to indulge in, here is the user guide on various bets involved in Roulette game for better understanding. Join Mr Mobi online and mobile casino today to enjoy the different Roulette variations stored at one place!

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