The Favourite Casino Games of Hollywood Celebrities

Hollywood celebrities most often do many movies which relate to the casino’s glitz and glamour. As much as they love doing movies based on casinos, some of the celebrities have a special liking towards some casino games. Let us find the top five games that celebrities love to play during their spare time.

• Blackjack Remains the Favourite of Many Hollywood Stars

The first casino game which is popular among the Hollywood celebrities is Blackjack or Twenty- one. Many Hollywood stars visit offline casinos in Las Vegas to engage in the game of Blackjack. There are more movies made on Blackjack as compared to any other casino game which shows us that the filmmakers and the actors are fascinated with this table game.

The Favourite Casino Games of Hollywood Celebrities

• Roulette

Roulette is another popular casino game that the Hollywood celebrities love to gamble their stakes. The Roulette game is one of the most played games at any offline casino and it remains to be a favourite pastime for Hollywood actors. The game fascinates some other popular personalities including the NBA star Charles Barkley who had a close connection with the casinos and was found daily playing the Roulette game.

• Craps

Another casino game that many from the Hollywood prefer are the dice game – Craps. This game of fortune makes many stars to place their stakes. As much as they love to gamble high stakes, they also love to have a quiet and enjoyable until their stay at the casinos. The urge to play craps for these stars come from the idea of experimenting new casino games.

• Slot Machines

Another category of the games which is mostly explored by many casino enthusiasts from the hollywood film fraternity is the slot machines. These games are instantly played without any strategies required and it triggers many actors to spin the reels and give a try on the games. The slot machines just offer the kind of entertainment that the players love and it also gives a higher payout which makes this category more interesting and engaging.

• Poker

One of the engaging casino games for many casino enthusiasts is the Poker game. There are Hollywood stars that are fascinated by this game and love to spend their entire bankroll hoping for a win at the Poker hand. Actors such as Drew Barrymore, Matt Damon and Demi Moore are in love with this fabulous casino game and it remains of their favourite games too.

Final Thoughts

The Hollywood actors prefer to enjoy at the casinos and often visit them to have a good time. Some of them prefer playing poker and some play blackjack and some love spinning the slot reels. Whichever category the players choose they love to spend time on the games.

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