Top 20 Interesting Facts about Motorhead

Motorhead band is renowned worldwide for the unparalleled contributions made to the world of music. Motorhead has performed numerous shows and recorded several albums if we look into the history of a rock band. Epitomized and led by Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister, this band has earned a lot of fame than one can ever imagine. This is the reason why gaming developers developed a dedicated online slot game to this band and with amazing features and lots more covered in the gameplay.

Top 20 Interesting Facts about Motorhead

Mr Mobi online and mobile casino have compiled 20 cool facts about this historic rock band for all the fans out there. With these, you can easily relate the avid obsession of online slot developers with it.

  1. Motorhead’ song was not the first song written by Lemmy for his famed band. It was also the final song written by him for the band he was previously associated with ‘Hawkwind’.
  2. Lemmy worked backstage lugging gear for Jimi Hendrix and managing Emerson Lake and Palmer. This was before he could manage to get to the front stage himself.
  3. Lemmy was known for chemical consumption. He wrote a song ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ on the producer of the ‘Bomber’ album, Jimmy Miller who was severely addicted to Heroin.
  4. The signature song of the band, Ace of Spades, was adapted for a video game. The lyrics were modified to “I don’t want to live forever” depicting the immortality of Lemmy despite being a drug and alcohol addict.
  5. The renowned drummer of Motorhead, Philthy Taylor was known to be reckless as he one ignored his broken neck and kept touring. He has a massive lump today owing to his carelessness.
  6. The song ‘Dancing on your Grave’ by Motorhead inspired a popular heavy metal band of Brazil. They fell in love with the word ‘Sepultura’ which is the Portuguese translation for the word ‘grave’.
  7. Lemmy united metalheads and punks. Motorhead served as a key link between brutal riffage of Black Sabbath and high-speed punk of Ramones.
  8. Despite being a chain smoker and drinking a bottle of Jack Daniel’s every day since he was 30, Lemmy lived to be 70.
  9. Ian Kilmister was fond of playing online slot machines during younger years. He used to borrow money from his family and friends to feed his addiction. It is no wonder that there are several online slots today dedicated to this legendary singer and his band.
  10. Lemmy joined Hawkwind in 1971 and agreed to play the bass guitar despite not knowing how to play. He was arrested on drug charges four years later at the Canadian/U.S. border.
  11. Lemmy had the reputation of being the wildest person in the music industry throughout the 70s and 80s. His tales of alcohol and drug consumption rivalled that of the legendary guitarist of Rolling Stones band, Keith Richards.
  12. Lemmy lived in a small apartment despite the success of his band. This was because the apartment in West Hollywood was located conveniently near his favourite bar, the Rainbow Bar, and Grill.
  13. Lemmy was obsessed with collecting German memorabilia from World War II. He told the reporters in the year 2010 that he loved good uniforms and throughout the history, it was the bad guy who dressed the best. He broke a law in Germany while doing a photoshoot wearing an old Nazi cap.
  14. Michael Burston who joined Motorhead during ’84 got his nickname from a talking, walking cartoon scarecrow character. He and Lemmy had a mutual fascination towards military experiences as much as in the field of music.
  15. Mikkey Dee was the longest serving drummer of the band. Although most of the fan think that he is Swedish, his real name was actually Micael Kiriakos Delaoglou explaining his Greek roots.
  16. Motorhead made an appearance in 2001 on ‘The Drew Carey Show’ where they played a song titled ‘Sorry’.
  17. Ian Kilmister earned the nickname ‘Lemmy’ because of the persistent requests made by him to his family and friends to offer him some money so that he could indulge in the online slot that he was addicted to. “Lemmy few bucks” was the phrase repetitively used by him which earned him his nickname he is known by today. The amazing thing is that – there is an online slot dedicated only to Motorhead band today!
  18. Lemmy played the guitar initially. He did not pick up the bass until he turned 23.
  19. Motorhead provided the entry music Triple H, WWE Wrestler: “Play the Game” and “Line in the Sand”.
  20. Lemmy had set up game machines in his home as he indulged in gambling too much.

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