Interesting and Innovative Slots Feature to Make Use Of

Earlier slot machines were quite simple as far as usage was concerned. They used to have just three reels and a single paying line. This barely left any space for anything besides respective payouts and obligatory winning combinations. Although the bars, bells, and fruits seemed lucrative, the mechanics soon turned obsolete and there was a need to revive the way slots functioned. Today, the slot machines are much more diverse in terms of features and themes. The incredible animation effects and the 3D graphics make things more interesting across the reels. Here are the most gratifying and engaging gameplay features which you will usually encounter in popular slots UK.

Interesting and Innovative Slots Feature to Make Use Of

  • Win Two Ways System offered by the UK slots

This feature really deserves a special attention. This feature is accompanied with exciting rounds such as the Free Spins which offers numerous opportunities to the players to make it big. The winnings are created when the winning combinations land on the reels in a left-to-right fashion which is the traditional payout. Win Both Ways which is also referred to as the Two Way Pay feature is widely popular as some of the slots UK offer winning combinations from both ways. This feature can be found in most of the online slot games such as Starburst slot offered by NetEnt and in Crazy Chameleons slots offered by Microgaming. You can refer the top tips for playing online slot games briefed by Mr Mobi experts.

  • Nudge Feature

This feature greatly appeals to those who are fond of classic UK slots such as fruit machines. Traditional slots do not have much to offer. However, the nudge feature augments the entire experience in such slots. This feature is triggered randomly and can be used on specific spins. Whenever you have the option, you need to ensure that you use it at the end of creating a winning combination if you are falling short of something. You can nudge to move one of the reels down by one position and then complete the combination. Nudge feature proves out to be more effective if the slot machine permits you to see the symbol that you can slide down.

  • Asymmetric Reels

Not many choose to experiment when it comes to the gaming format in slots UK. Not much has been done ever since the layout of slot changed from three reels to five and from a single payline to three rows. The Dazzle Me slot offered by NetEnt comprises of a refined look. Reels are now presented in an irregular format which makes the gameplay much more refreshing and provides interesting winning combinations.

  • Cascading Reels

This is one of the most revolutionary features which you can find in the slots UK today which can be found in the Gonzo’s Quest slot offered by NetEnt. The game introduced an incredible feature where the players do not have to spin reels. The symbols fall from their above positions on the reels. The fun lies in the ability to play even after the main spin has terminated.

  • Split Symbols offered by Slots UK

The Split Symbols feature is not often encountered in almost all the slots found in online and mobile casinos. It appears in slots with five reels. During the slot symbols feature, one of the symbol divides the symbols on the reels into two or more icons. The winnings increase if the double icon is a part of the winning combination. The five matching symbols transform into six to offer incredible payouts. As more than one symbol carries the split mark, it is quite possible for the symbols to form ten winnings combinations on one payline. This concept can be found in Noah’s Ark offered by IGT and in Blade slot offered by Playtech.

Looking at the innovative efforts of developers in the hope of drawing a maximum number of players to the slots, it would not be difficult to predict the world of slots taking an entirely different shape and size in the coming era. For now, Mr Mobi has a wide range of various casino games to enjoy. Join today and unbox the amazing bonus offers!

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