New Mobile Casino Games

Enjoy our action packed casino, where, we introduce newer and better slot games every week. It is natural to get bored of the same old slots, thereby severely affecting the fun involved with it. Thus, we took it as our responsibility and work hard enough to fulfil your entertainment aspect by supplying you with fresher and interesting new mobile casino games more. Visit us to have a virtual trip to our new additions and make fortune out of it!
Here we provide you with few latest additions to our list:-


New Mobile Casino Games

1. Ariana

Ariana is the beautiful undersea hostess who is willing to part her treasures with you. This new underwater themed slot is a unique game, both in terms of design and the special effects on its reels, actually making your experience worth the time invested. The game has some high definition graphics making it a treat to look and play. Wild symbols and free spins are the most enthralling aspect as they offer some hilarious payouts!

2.1429 Unchartered Seas

Here is another sea themed slot with various real and mystical characters on its reels with the backdrop of a map cut accordingly making space for the action zone giving it an artistic touch. However, the overall appearance is more of an average, but the bonuses and numerous other features make up for it resulting in an RTP of whooping 98.6 %. So make the most of the opportunity if you are into online gambling.

3.  Buster Hammer

Here comes an amazing craft which will immediately catch you eyes with its realistic touch. The slot is set in an arena where the hilarious strongman, ready to smack the hammer accordingly. With its top notch graphics and hilarious animations it has the potential to keep you engaged for a long time, especially owing to the high stakes involved, making it even for interesting!

4.   Astro Cat

Experience the elegant, complicated yet simple Astro Cat slot with its unique set up, which may make it look like an 8 reels game, however, it is much like any of the 5- reels slot game. With as much as 1296 ways to win, expect yourself to end up with hefty riches. This has been made possible due to its free spins and numerous other reward-fetching features.

5. Bounty Hunt

A must try, futuristic slot game and with just one look you would be satisfied with its supreme position against numerous high-quality slots. The developers have definitely invested a great deal on its theme, which is obvious after looking at it. When it comes to features, even in this aspect, Bounty Hunt scores at par with other slot games. Finally, it is the overall experience is what will leave you impressed and keep hunting for long!

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