The Rules of Roulette Game

The online Roulette game is one of the fascinating casino games offered at some of the reputed casino websites and they remain to be the top- rated games in the category of casino games. You will have an in-depth understanding of this amazing game after you read this entire article. Every minute detail about how to place chips on the Roulette table and the different types of bets that you get, this article will cover all the important aspects of the game.

The Rules of Roulette Game

Who First Invented the Roulette Wheel?

A French physicist- Blaire Pascal without any intention of creating a casino game first invented the Roulette Wheel. It was in the year 1655 when Blaire got an idea of creating a perpetual motion machine. After the invention of this machine, it went on to become widely popular and later was accepted as the Roulette wheel at many casinos.

What are Betting Chips?

The chips are the most familiar word that you hear at many online casinos and the term is mostly used in the game of Roulette. The Roulette game consists of various chips which can make a bet. The chips would be later exchanged for a certain sum and the currency will be cashed for the chips.

How to Play the Game?

The online Roulette variant is quite an easy game. Firstly, you need to decide on the size of the bet to keep going. After you place the chips of your choice, you will have different colours and numbers to bet on. You can place your stakes on the different options of betting which are explained in the later part. A little wheel that is constantly rotating and finally, it lands on a specific number. If your number matches with the one on the wheel, you win exciting rewards.

Knowing the Different Kinds of Bets

• There is a set of betting options available at the Roulette game. To start with, you have the Red/black betting option which lets you choose a specific number based on the color. You can choose the red or black one.
• The second betting option is the High/low. This lets you choose the first or the last 18 numbers of the Roulette wheel.
• The Even/odd option allows the players to bet on even or odd numbers.
• A Dozen bet only allows the first, middle and the last twelve numbers for betting.
• Next up is the Line bet, this option gives a chance to bet on six numbers.
• Five numbers are the betting option which lets you bet on five numbers.
• Square bet lets you choose four numbers.
• The Street bet can only allow three numbers to be placed.
• Two- number split can accommodate only two numbers on the table.
• Finally, the Straight bet can only accommodate a single number.

Game Payouts

All the betting options have different payouts to offer to the players. The highest payout that you can receive is on the Straight bet which offers 37:1, followed by 17:1 in the Two- number split option. The street bet, square bet, and five numbers offer 11:1, 8:1 and 6:1 as the game payouts. Line bet and Dozen bet offer 5:1 and 2:1. Finally, Even/odd bet, high/low bet, and Red/black bet offer 1:1 payout each.

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