A Short Guide to Baccarat Game

Play the most popular card game-Baccarat at Mr Mobi Casino. The game was invented in Italy and later, was improvised by French men. The game was a great source of entertainment for many soldiers who returned from the Franco – Italian war during the period of 15th Century when Charles VIII was in reign. The game’s design and the layout have been adapted to different styles in the modern day Baccarat games and as the technology demands to be updated, the online casinos have started to make new and interactive Baccarat variants.

A Short Guide to Baccarat Game

Understanding the Baccarat Hands

In the Baccarat game, all the cards have a point value. The cards from 2 to 9 are worth their own face values. Likewise, the cards kings, queens, jacks and tens have zero points along with Aces that offer 1 point. The nine is a highest hand-value in the Baccarat game and cards 2 and 3 offer 5 points. For instance, if a hand of 6 and 7 shows up then you will have 3 points because the rightmost digit in the combination of 13 is 3.

Punto Banco

Punto Banco is one of the popular forms of the Baccarat game out of the three variants. The other two variants include Baccarat Chemin De Fer and Baccarat Banque. Punto Banco remains the top – most played casinos in Macau region where the largest part of casino profits come alone from Punto Banco Baccarat game.

How to Play the Game

The Baccarat game is playable with around 14 players and three dealers. You have the options of betting as a banker or player along with an additional standoff option. Each player/dealer can choose to bet on Punto or Banco (two principle bets). Each player is served with two hands and the player/ banker has to select the bet similar to the red and black bets in the Blackjack game. A maximum of three cards will be served and the one, who is dealing with the cards, will put down two cards. The cards have points and some cards are counted at face values (2 to 9). The total value must be under a single digit denomination. The 15 is accounted as 5 and 25 is worth 5 points. The main objective of the game is to aim at the hand which can yield the highest value.


Baccarat is a very interesting card game, which has a few set of rules. The game can yield you good entertainment and rewards if you understand the rules clearly. Engage in this exciting card game today at our online casino.

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