The House Edge in Online Blackjack – Facts You Need to Know

House edge is the find thing that hits the mind when a casino player decides to engage in a casino game. It is crucial for any player as it determines the payout percentage to the players in the long run. The house edge of the table games differs from one another and from variant to variant. One of the casino table game which has survived for many years is blackjack. Due to its popularity amongst the casino players, online versions of the blackjack were developed. We at Mr Mobi has uncovered some of the facts you need to know about the online Blackjack House Edge before getting into the actual gameplay.

The House Edge in Online Blackjack – Facts You Need to Know

Fact #1

House edge is nothing but the casino having a percentage of advantage on the player. For instance, if the casino game has a house edge of 5% then for every bet placed by the player, there an average loss of 5% i.e. if the player bets £100 then he will lose £5.

Fact #2

The house edge works effectively over many bets. If the blackjack game has only 1% of house edge and if the player has £100 then either one of these will happen – £100 will be won, £100 will be lost, £150 – £200 can be won or the same £100 can be balanced. Whilst the mathematical outcome of the 1% house edge on £100 is £1, in practice, it may not happen. The £1 may not be lost until the player players at least few rounds.

Fact #3

In general, blackjack has the lowest house edge among all the table casino games. For example, if the house edge is 0.5% then the loss by the player will be £1 for every £200 bet made.

Fact #4

If the player has the skill to count cards, then he can get an advantage over the house edge. The skill the player must develop after learning the basic strategy is to count the cards.

Fact #5

The house edge is directly proportional to the number of decks. In simple words, several cards can increase the probability of the blackjack formation and the probability of the occurrence of a blackjack is less if the number of cards involved is less.

Fact #6

The cards held by the dealer also affect the house edge. It is a basic rule is that the dealer must have a total of 16 or less and the house edge will decrease if the dealer has 17 or more.

Fact #7

The option of doubling down reduces the house edge. Some of the casinos provide the option to double down if the player has the total of 10 or 11 in the first two cards. Few casinos even allow the players to double down if they have a total of 9.

Fact #8

The payout given to a natural blackjack affects the house edge. The traditional payout is 3:2 which means if a player bets £100 and hits a blackjack then he will get £150 as the payout.

Fact #9

The rules involved in surrender affects the house edge. Some casinos offer early surrender in case if the dealer has an ace.

Fact #10

Video poker on certain aspects is one of the very few games which has a lower house edge than blackjack. Blackjack is famous for its low house edge among the table games but poker with some variants might have a lower house edge.

Blackjack is one of the engaging casino games which can put a player’s skill to test. Players should always play in a licensed and well-regulated casino. Mr Mobi online casino offers multiple variants of online blackjack games, strategy and tips for beginners to know the game better. Join our online and mobile casino now and start playing your favourite table games on the go!

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