Top 5 Safety Tips for Online Casino Players

When it comes to gambling, the rules have changed. You can grab your phone, place a bet and win big with some luck by your side. The casino world rests in your pocket. But there is money involved and you need to be cautious. Here are five tips to help you stay safe in the world of casinos. Follow them so that you do not get played away.

Checklist to Gamble Safe:

Security Features of the Site

Top 5 Safety Tips for Online Casino Players

Firstly, see the kind of payment gateways the site is offering to carry out a financial transaction. VISA, MasterCard, Skrilla, Neteller and Maestro are the commonly trusted brands. If there is anything new other than these, you better find out more about it before making a transaction. Your bank or Credit Card Company can easily guide you with that. So pick your phone and make that call to verify if the gateway is legitimate. With regards to the site security, make sure it offers a minimum of 128-bit encryption which is mandatory these days.

Never Share Personal Information

Most online casino today allow social networking where you can chat with other players and share your views about a game. Always remember that everybody including hackers are here to make money. So refrain yourself from sharing your account information or the status of your funds. It is best not to trust anyone and hence keep your conversation limited only to a discussion on games and the site. People might even try to misguide you on the strategies; just ignore them and play your own game.

Verify the Licensing

Though online casinos use genuine payment gateways, it is also important to check their license information. Legitimate sites post their license information at the bottom of the site or under a link. Look for it even before you register yourself. If you do not find the information then just don’t bother joining there. And even when you find a license number, do the verification by punching that number on the licensing site.

Never Make Large Deposits

Once you become a member at an online casino, make sure not to deposit beyond the minimum requirement. Most sites allow £5 or £10 as minimum and you must stick to this initially until the time the site earns your trust. You must follow this even if you are able to deposit large amount. You never know what comes to your surprise. This is also recommended considering the fact that large sums in your account will easily attract hackers. That said, make sure you withdraw your winnings when it is huge.

Look for Seals

Every legitimate casino site is expected to display complete transparency. It is a rule by the UK gambling commission and other regulatory authorities. So you will find seals of various government and trusted agencies at the bottom of the site. These will be clickable and it takes to the website of the regulatory body where you can find information about the site. If you do not see them on the site, then there is something really fishy about it. The seals will be from betting partners, licensing authorities, gambling commission, payment partners, etc.

Go Ahead, Make a Calculated Move: With these 5 things taken care of, you don’t have to worry. Yet go slow; make small deposits and test the waters. Gambling online can be fun without security concerns at the back of your mind.

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