Top Gambling Stories from Around the World

Top Gambling Stories from Around the World

There are many stories that the top gambling players have to say with regard to winning good hands at the Blackjack or poker table. In this article, we will get into the stories of some of the top gamblers who have a story to tell. We will throw light on some of the top gambling stories from around the world.

1. First up is the story of the FedEx Founder

The first story of our article is the founder of FedEx founder- Fred Smith. According to a report by the Forbes, his company has a market valuation of $32 billion and Fred’s net worth is valued at $2.1 billion. During the period of the 1970s, the company faced a massive $24,000 bill for fuel; however, they just had $5,000 in their bank account. Smith then took a decision of playing Blackjack game at Las Vegas and ended up converting $5,000 into $27,000 by winning the game!

2. Ashley Revell Sold all his Possessions for Gambling

Ashley Revell is one of the historic gamblers in the world of gambling, who went on to sell all his possessions to gamble $135,300 on the Roulette table. He spent the entire bankroll of $135,300 on a single Roulette spin at the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. He had a good fortune on that spin, as the money was doubled when the ball landed on the number 7.

3. Terrence Watanabe’s Quest for Winning at Blackjack Goes Wrong

Terrence Watanabe a great businessperson had to incur a huge loss of $127 million when he had allegedly placed his stakes on the Blackjack table at Caesars Palace and the Rio in 2007. Terrence was on drugs and alcohol while playing a Blackjack hand. He would play three hands of Blackjack game of $50,000 each hand.

4. The Chinese Businessperson Zhenil Ye Gon Lost $120 Million

The Chinese Businessperson Zhenil Ye Gon lost close to $120 million worth of money at the Baccarat table. He would shell out $150,000 cash at the Baccarat table on each bet. However, his net worth is still a mystery and there was a huge stack of cash found in his mansion. There was close $205 million worth of cash found in his mansion.


We have managed to pick four amazing and top stories which are to be remembered for a longer time in the gaming world. There are many different stories in the world which can interest you.

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