Guide to Online Roulette Bets

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games enjoyed by players since the time of immemorial. Trying their luck with online Roulette, many betters get lucky and land big wins. The entertainment factor is equally huge in Roulette. That’s why both online as well land-based casinos that offer Roulette are visited very frequently.

If you are wondering which type of Roulette game to play online, then Mr Mobi – UK’s best online and mobile casino has explained the types of bets present in Roulette game without slowing the game down. It is good to understand the different types of Roulette bets to make before hitting the online casino.

Guide to Online Roulette Bets

Progressive Jackpot in online Roulette

The favourite Roulette Royale game variants have a progressive side bet to offer. You go on to place the wagering and wait for the jackpot. All that is needed is the same number coming into the spinning five times in a series. This should be a non-stop sequence though. Such a progressive jackpot is the highest bet that can be won while playing online Roulette.

Four, Three, Two Numbers in Series

These number bets are one of the most popular bets amongst Roulette players. This bet calls for the same number being repeated four times or three times. Of course, you get a higher payout if you are lucky to hit it four times. But getting it three times consequently is also a win worth trying for. Similarly, if your lucky number spins twice, you are still awarded a bonus payout which is definitely smaller than the one with four times series. But it is encouraging for beginners to keep getting smaller but more frequent payouts with these smaller bets.

Number bet that is Straight Up in online Roulette

In a standard Roulette game that is played in online Roulette, one of the highest paying bets is the Straight Up Number one. All Roulette games have stakes to be put in minimum and maximum limits. This range can vary in different games over different casinos. When you place your wager for the bet called Straight Up Number, first wait to win. Once you win, you can collect your lucky payout which is paid at odds of 35:1. So, the amount will be calculated according to the chips that you had wagered for that position. The Split Number bet is a similar bet where the payout is paid at the odds of 17:1.

Line and Corner bets

There are so many bets to try in online Roulette game that you will be spoilt for choice. Similar to Straight Up and Split Number bets, the Line bet can be won with a payout at 11:1. Corner bet is yet another betting option where you will be paid out at odds of 8:1.

Five and Six Number bets in Roulette

With scores of bets to place, you might be confused which ones to choose. You can try the five number bet which gives attractive payout at 6:1 odds as well as the six number bet which pays you at 5:1 odds.

So, now you can definitely try out your luck on online Roulette game at our online and mobile casino today. Place the bets responsibly according to your budget. There is enough entertainment to keep you busy the whole evening with live dealer games listed!

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