Various Bets in the European Roulette Game

European Roulette is the widely popular and favourite table game for many players around the world. There are many ways through which the players can place their stakes on this wonderful casino table game. The rules of playing this fantastic game are fairly basic and simple. Firstly, the game consists of 36 pockets which are available in colours of red and black. All the bets are numbered from 0 to 36 at the European Roulette. However, in the American Roulette version, it consists of numbers from 0 to 37.

Various Bets in the European Roulette Game

When you place your stakes at a European Roulette game, you need to consider a few aspects and we would be throwing light on the different forms of the European Roulette bets.

  1. The initial bet or the most commonly used betting arrangement is the Inside Bets. To place your stakes on Inside Bets of the roulette game, you have six different options and each of them offers different payout ratio:
  • Six line bet: Six numbers are allowed to be placed and the payout ratio is 5:1
  • Corner bet: The bets placed on four adjacent numbers in a row are corner bets. The payout ratio is 8:1
  • Street bet: Three numbers of a row are being placed and the payout is 11:1.
  • Split bet: Only two numbers from adjacent sides are placed in this betting option and the payout ratio is 17:1
  • Straight bet: The final betting option under the inside bets is the straight bet that allows placing a bet on a single number and it has a payout of 35:1.
  1. The second important bet used in a roulette game of the European version is the Outside bets. There is sub- betting options under this category and they mainly include:
  • Group bet: The group of numbers belonging to 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36 are chosen under this belt. You can get a payout of 2:1.
  • Column bet: The three columns on which the numbers are being placed are column bets. The odds of winning here are 2:1.
  • Colour bet: The name suggests it all, colour bet lets you choose numbers of various colours. The winning odds here are 1:1
  • High/low: High/low betting option lets choose a number from the radar of 1-18 or 19-36.
  • Odd/even bet: The final on the list of the outside bets is Odd/even option. This betting option offers the players to bet on even or odd numbers and it has a winning ratio of 1:1.
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