What are wagering requirements in a Casino?

The wagering requirement is the limit set by the casino in order to cash out your bonuses. Some casinos also call it ‘Play through’. There are different wagering techniques that each casino uses to give back your bonus.

The casinos make it clear that a player gets the welcome bonus once he has wagered. It is necessary to check the wagering limit of a casino before registering. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the important points concerning the limits on the wagering.

How does it work?

Every casino has a minimum wagering requirement for the players. The x symbol tells you how many times you need to wager in order to get back your bonus money. For instance, if the casino has a minimum wagering of x10 and your welcome bonus is £100, then you need to bet £100 x10 to receive your bonus.

What are wagering requirements in a Casino?

1.How does it work?

Once you have wagered the required bet, you then are ready to claim the bonus. You can use any of the popular withdrawal methods such as Skrill, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, and Trustly to claim the bonus amount.

2.Popular Casino Bonuses- Welcome Bonus Offers

The casino bonuses directly relate to the wagering. The amount of welcome bonus and the wagering requirements go hand in hand. Below is some of the popular bonus packages offered to a player.

Get 100% welcome bonus up to £200: Most online casinos offers this welcome offer. The offer is very attractive and it attracts new players to join the casino. •Get free spins along with the welcome bonus: Another popular bonus is the free spins. New players enjoy great benefits of welcome bonus along with some free spins. •No deposit bonus: No deposit bonus allows players to enjoy free games without spending any money on the deposit.

If you want to claim the £200 bonus, you must at least bet on a hand or play slot games by wagering x10 or ten times of the bonus to get the welcome bonus.

3.Wagering on Slot Games and Casino Games

The wagering requirements count very easy on betting on the slot games. The equation is straightforward. You need to either bet x20 or x30 times the welcome bonus to receive the welcome bonus.

The popular casino games such as Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack are not included in the wagering requirement. There is a house edge for the casino games. The house edge for casino games is quite lower when you compare to the slot games.

Final Thoughts

Wagering requirements are a medium of keeping players interested in the casino for a longer time. There are certain rules that the players should know in order to get the casino money back. One of the things that the player must understand is that the bonus is available for the claim only after the minimum amount is wagered at the casino.

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