What Is Return to Player

Return to Player is a great way of rewarding or returning the wins that the players win on playing any of the casino or slot games. Each slot or casino game has a different RTP. This means that the number of credits that you put in for a game you will get back in return.

There is a calculation of RTP for a certain done in a certain way. It calculates the total number of credits played in a particular span of time and the slot or casino machine gives back to the players.

There are two types of slot games, the one with the higher return to player percentage and the other one with not so higher RTP. These two bring about 20 to 25% differences in the payouts. That means, you get slots with payout percentages from 75% to 98%.

All the popular casinos feature slot or casino games with a higher Return to Player percentage. We advise you to choose the slot games that have a higher Return to Player percentage. In this article, we will discuss in depth study about the Return to Player to get a clear understanding of it.

What Is Return to Player

How does it Work?

Return to Player is simply a factor that defines the payback percentage by a casino on a particular game. For instance, if you have deposited £200, let us assume you are betting £2 on each bet for 2 hours. The slot game has an RTP of 98%. You will have 1000 spins in two hours time. (1000 x 2= £2000.

The slot machine gives back £1800 in two hours time, hence you already had bet £200, and so you might not get any payback during two hours. The best way to earn a good return is to place max bets and play slowly. Many poker players lose a lot of money because they are already eating up the RTP.

To be clearer, the Return to Player or Payout percentage calculates all the winning hands or spins over a period. There is no assurance that each time you will win a hand and get an excellent RTP.

Additional Tips to Choose the Best Slots or Table Games

  • Choose the slot games or the casinos having a higher Payout percentage.
  • Always make it a habit of choosing the Max bet option.
  • This will ensure that may avoid choosing the small bets that eventually costs more. Keep a track of the number of wins that you get. Do not expect to get back everything that you have invested in the games. Do not expect to win all the time. The wins are just random and there is no correlation between the spins.

Last Thoughts

The percentage is calculated based on the credits that a player has put in and not on the money invested. It is necessary for you to understand that the RTP only offers a return of 90% on the credits that you have placed. There is no assurance of getting back everything that you wager.

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