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If you are searching for a game which has a unique layout 7 Up! could be your answer as it has a unique 7×3 layout which looks splendid with the great colour combinations. The game has an intuitive interface which helps in making the gameplay easier to understand.

About the developer of the 7 Up!

This game is developed by Gamevy which is responsible for making some of the most creative games in the casino market. Though they haven't developed a lot of casino games, this game developed by them is outstanding in terms of ingenuity and simplicity.

More information and details about 7 Up!

7 Up! grants the option for the players to choose the number of rows to be active along with the option to select the betting amount per line. The betting limit ranges from £0.02 to £10 per line. Players can change the numbers of lines to be active and the betting limit per line during the start of each spin.

The game has seven rows along with three columns

The goal of players in this online and mobile slots game is to land three matching symbols in the active lines. The symbols used in the game are seven, blue diamond, green clover, bar, golden horseshoe, a bunch of grapes, watermelon, banana, lemons, pineapple and cherries.

Turbo mode for swift gameplay

For players who want a quick and crisp gameplay, Turbo mode could be helpful as it speeds up the game speed. Some of the players would opt for faster gameplay due to various reasons such as time constraints and so on, for those players Turbo mode could be very useful.

Graphics and sound effects

The graphics in this game are made like the retro slot games to give a nostalgic feel to the players. Each symbol has its own animation when three of its kind are grouped. The soundtrack of the game is good and helps in concentrating the gameplay. The sound effects involved in the games such as while clicking the play button, clicking the + or – button for increasing or reducing the active lines and the betting value per line. However, like most of the casino games, players can turn off the music and the sound effects separately.

Final Verdict

7 Up! could satisfy the curiosity of the players who want to experience something new in the online casino gaming sector. The duration of the game is short and it has an RTP of 92.09%.

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