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There is always something new in the world of online casino gambling slot games. One of such unique slots available is simply called BIRDZ. This is a production of Games Warehouse and it involves some delightful coloured birds perched on telegraph wire lines. Read on to get more information about this online slot machine.

BIRDZ Mobile Casino Slot

With BIRDZ you have mobile slots that come with 3 rows, 5 reels, and 30 fixed paylines. As mentioned earlier, a variety of colourful birds are the main attraction in this slot. These birds are on wires that act as the reels in this game and players can now play on their mobile devices with ease. It doesn't matter what operating system your mobile device uses as this online slot is proven to be compatible with most OS. Winning in this online casino slot involves the matchup of at least three birds on the wire (reels). As you land a winning payline, those winning birds will drop off for fresh birds to replace them and further aid with wins. You have a Wild icon represented by an Egg in this slot.

The Crackling Wild Bonus Feature

In BIRDZ you have a ‘Crackling Wild’ bonus feature available. In this feature the egg wild will be many on the reels, with this happening players will have their opportunities of earning winning combinations improved upon. This slot also has a ‘Pecking Order’ bonus feature in which the higher value bird icons will substitute the lower value bird symbols. This will enhance players chances of being rewarded with high payouts.

The Scarecrow And Zap Feature In BIRDZ

You can ‘Zap’ the birds on a particular wire (reel) and force those birds to varnish with new ones replacing them. This will provide you with ample opportunities to get land wins. In BIRDZ players have a ‘Scarecrow Bonus feature’ in which birds will be all over the wires to help improve your overall chances of earning wins.

To Sum Up

The bonus features in this online casino gambling slot machine such as the ‘Pecking Order’, ‘Zap’ and ‘Scarecrow’ should give players a thing or two to think about. This unique game is designed as low as well as medium variance video slot. This means the players may achieve more steady wins and be rewarded with small but steady cash payouts. This is a fairly decent slot that is available as a mobile version for the most finicky of players.

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