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With Hidden, you have an online video slot that is based on an adventure of ancient Egyptian ruins for the discovery of precious artefacts. This adventure is made possible by Professor Taylor (a historian) and his inquisitive nephew called Benjamin. This video slot machine comes with four amazing strategies that are meant to boost your gameplay and wins. Check out for more information on this slot from the review below.

178 Ways To Win In Hidden

Hidden has 178 ways to win instead of fixed paylines. This game that has 5 reel and 4 rows will see wins achieved when players land matching icons on adjacent reels from left to right as well as from right to left. The symbols in this slot are all theme-related and they include low and high-value icons. The low-value symbols are your standard A, J, K, Q, 9 and 10 icons which are decorated with the theme-related decor. There is also Professor Taylor, his curious nephew, a smiling camel and a Sphinx which represent the symbols of greater significant value.

A Beautifully Set Slot

The background of Hidden comprises of Egyptian gods and a Pharaoh's tomb. The gods seem to be watching over the tomb. Players only need a token of 20p to start the spinning of the reels. This low-risk asset is great for newbies to the world of online slot gaming. Braver players out there can risk as much as £100 per spin. As soon as players set their betting options, they can start playing by clicking the conspicuous ‘Spin’ button. You can also sit back and relax by clicking the ‘Autoplay’ icon to set a certain number of spins that will go on without interference.

The Hidden Four Strategies You Should Know

The four strategies available in Hidden are all designed to boost your playability and opportunities for winning. These strategies include; an ‘Optimizer’ that will raise the betting level up to your balance percentage which can be 1 up to 10%. The ‘Booster’ Strategy that will raise your betting level a notch whenever you lose a spin on the reels. There is also a strategy called ‘Leveller’ where your betting level has raised a notch if you lose five times in quick succession when the reels are spun. With a losing streak exceeding five losses, your betting level will further rise by two steps. However, your betting level will be immediately reset whenever you have a winning spin on the reels. The last but not the least is the ‘Jumper’ strategy which will raise your betting level a notch as you achieve a winning spin on the reels but will reset your betting level whenever a loss is made.

To Sum Up

Hidden is a simple online slots game that offers players an opportunity to boost their expected cash payouts with the four in-game strategies available. It can also be addictive and players will be sure to keep playing for relatively long periods of time.

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