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Blackjack also is known as 21 has always been one of the most loved and popular casino table game played and hence this loved casino game is now available in live dealer section for players to enjoy. It follows the same rules as the classic blackjack and in the live section, the player gets to enjoy this classic game live against the dealer and feel the fun of gaming in a casino at the comfort of their own home.

It is an interesting card game that also features one of the most exciting gameplay. Play this interesting card game live against the dealer at Mr Mobi Casino. At our casino, we feature a list of table games that the player gets to enjoy and the different versions of them. Blackjack alone has various versions of it and our casino; we let the players enjoy each of them in the live section.

The live dealer will be right opposite the player and watch the players every move, make sure you make each move with utmost care. The player can perform all the necessary action while playing live blackjack with the help of the friendly user-interface which the player will see on his screen.

Features of Live Blackjack

What is the main aim while playing Blackjack? The main aim while playing this thrilling game is that the player’s total score is 21 or less than that. The players are given 2 cards each to deal with and they need to score a total more than the dealers but less than 21. Once players receive two cards each, they have the option to hit, stand, double down and split with the cards on their hand.

Whoever gets a total of 21 first will win the blackjack, otherwise, the player needs to make sure that the score doesn’t go above 21 because if it does, then the player goes bust and he is out of the game. In the live version also, the gameplay remains the same and the player needs to have a close watch on the dealer's move for this card game is one that is played against the dealer and not other players.

Play 21 live against the dealer at Mr Mobi Casino and experience the thrill and excitement that this table game incites in the players. While keeping the goal in head, players can enjoy this table game at our online casino.


Raise yourself up and play this fantastic table game today live against the dealer! It has a user-friendly interface and is playable via different devices and can be played by players of all type. You can also play live blackjack for free before playing for real money at our online casino.

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