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Premier Roulette is a European Roulette variant, featuring 0 to 35 numbers on the wheel. The game is developed by Microgaming and offered by Mr Mobi. It features one lesser numbered slot compared to the American variant. This means there is lower house edge, thus giving you slightly better chances of winning.

Symbols, Bets & Gameplay

Premier Roulette casino game online is designed for all types of players. It has a vast betting range of £0.25 and £10,000 per spin. The game is rich in different types of bets and features. The different bets are as following:

  1. Call bets: You can place these bets based on the combination chosen. You could choose from 3 different call bets – Les Voisins Du Zero, Les Orphelins, and Tiers Du Cylindre.
  2. Neighbour bets: You can place these bets on neighbouring numbers when placing Straight bets.
  3. Customisable bets: The Bets Track can be used to place multiple bets on the Roulette table.

Gameplay of Premier Roulette

When placing the simple bets, just choose the chip size and choose the different positions on the table. As already mentioned, you can bet from £0.25 up to £10,000 per spin. The complex bets are placed on the table’s left side. The Voisins Du Zero is a complex bet that is placed on 16 numbers around the zero. Call bets can be placed with a red-coloured bet. There is the ‘snake’ option that allows you to place bets on a zigzag row of numbers. Then there is the ‘007’ bet that allows you to place bets on numbers that look like ‘007’ on the table.

Expert Mode

The game features an expert button that allows you to place the most complex types of bets. It is located at the bottom of the user interface. It will allow you to play in the Expert mode. This is where you can make the most of the customisable bets. Here you can place bets on single games or also play the autoplay mode. The autoplay mode allows you to set a particular number of games without the need to place bets every time. Once you have placed the bet in this mode, you can sit back and relax while the game keeps playing with a new spin. As you win, all your winnings will get automatically added to your casino account.

To Sum Up

Premier Roulette is an elegant casino game that offers lots of betting options. It takes the spirit of European Roulette further by providing so many different types of bets which go a long way jotting down payouts for you.

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